Programming and Algorithms: Week 3


Linked Lists and Recursion

What are we doing this week?

This week we are going to look at advanced data structures and programming techniques, first we'll look the LINKED LISTS, then we'll look at RECURSION.  
Moving onto the Python side of things we will look at implementations of LINKED LISTS and RECURSION
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Powerpoint: Linked Lists

Powerpoint: Recursion

Powerpoint: Linked Lists

Powerpoint: Recursion

Total running time of videos is 55 minutes.

Joe James' Python: Linked Lists

Computerphile: Recursion

The Learning Point: Stacks, Queues, and Linked Lists
Very long link here

Interactive Python: Linked Lists

Python Course: Recursion

Online Interpreter:
Python Intrepreter
Sample Code:
 Linked Lists * Recursive Programs (Factorial * Fibonacci * Decimal to Binary * Linked Lists)

Lab #3
Lab #3 is all about checking if you can add a menu onto the code for LINKED LISTS, and modify the code for RECURSION.


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