PyCon: Introduction to Python


Py Con

What are we doing?

  1. We are going to introduce PYTHON, and how to install it, and run it.
  2. We will look at how to print out messages to the screen, we'll look at basic MATHS functions, and how to implement VARIABLES in Python.
  3. We will look at how to implement SELECTION in Python.
  4. We will look at how to implement ITERATION in Python.
  5. We will look at implementations of PRIME NUMBERS and FIBONACCI NUMBERS in Python.

Full Set of Notes

Downloading and Installing Python

Powerpoint: Introduction to Python

Running Python Programs

Powerpoint:Print, Maths & Variables

Printing to the screen

Simple Mathematics


Sample Code:
HelloWorldProgram * HelloWorldProgramNewLine * HelloWorldProgramTwoLines * HelloWorldProgramJoinedHelloWorldProgram10Times * HelloWorldProgramNewLine10Times * AddingNumbers * AddingNumbersFancy * SubtractingNumbers * MultiplyingNumbers * RegularDivision * IntegerDivision * DivisionRemainder * DivisionProblem * VariableAssignment * VariablePrint * AddOneVariablePrintTwoVariablePrint * RealVariablePrint * AnotherRealVariablePrint * CharacterVariablePrint * AnotherCharacterVariablePrint * ErrorProgram * StringVariablePrint * PrintMessage * ConvertFromCelsiusToFahrenheit

Powerpoint: Selection

Selection - The IF Statement

Selection - The CASE Statement

Sample Code:
SimpleIfStatement * AnotherSimpleIfStatement * AnotherSimpleIfStatementPrints * AnotherSimpleIfStatementPrintsShorter * IsOddOrEven * BiggerOfThree * BiggerOfThreeElif * MultiChoiceQuestion * GetGrade


Powerpoint: Iteration

Iteration - WHILE and FOR Loops

Sample Code:
Print1To5 * Sum1To5 * Factorial * Print1To5For

Powerpoint: Primes and Fibonacci

Algorithm - Prime Number Checker

Algorithm - Fibonacci Numbers

Sample Code:
Prime Checker * Fibonacci

Learn Python the Hard Way

Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Python 3 Tutorial

"Hello World" in Python and 318 other programming languages

Python Programming Examples

Python Wik: Simple Programs


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