Programming and Algorithms: Week 27


Modules and Packages

What are we doing this week?

This week we are going to look at MODULES and PACKAGES in PYTHON, as well as ACCESS CONTROL and THIRD-PARTY LIBRARIES.

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Powerpoint: Packages and Modules

Powerpoint: Access Control

Powerpoint: Third-Party Libraries

Total running time of videos is 30 minutes.

Sample Code:
Format-string * SecretString * __init__

Python: Modules and Packages

How to download and install Python Packages and Modules with Pip

LearnPython: Modules and Packages

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python: Structuring Your Project

: Modules and Packages

Lab #27
Lab #27 is all about checking if what you have learned in the episodes above all makes sense, and if you can use modules and packages in Python.


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