Programming and Algorithms: Week 34


object oriented testing 1

What are we doing this week?

This week we are going to look at the OBJECT-ORIENTED TESTING and UNIT TESTING in PYTHON.

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Powerpoint: Object-Oriented Testing

Powerpoint: Unit Testing

Total running time of videos is 20 minutes.

Sample Code:
CheckNumbers-int-float * CheckNumbers-String-float * CheckNumbers-both * TestAverage * stats * test-stats

Unit Testing Makes Your Code Better #MP44

Fake It Til You Make It:
Unit Testing Patterns With Mocks and Fakes (Brian K. Jones)


Wikipedia: Unit Testing

Testing Your Code — The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python

Python Docs: UnitTest

Lab #34
Lab #34 is all about checking if what you have learned in the episodes above all makes sense, and if you can use unit test library.


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