Programming and Algorithms: Week 11


Software Development

What are we doing this week?

This week we are going to look at a range of SOFTWARE METHODOLOGIES used in doftware development, and next look at COMPUTER NETWORKS.
Moving onto the Python side of things we will look at MENU-DRIVEN PROGRAMS
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Software Methodologies (1950s - 1970s)

Powerpoint: Software Methodologies (1980s - To Date)

Powerpoint: Computer Networks

Powerpoint: Menu-Driven Programs

Menu-Driven Programs
Total running time of videos is 40 minutes.

Software Development Methodologies

Agile Manifesto

Computer Networks

Royce, W.W. (1970)  "Managing the Development of Large Software Systems" In: Technical Papers of Western Electronic Show and Convention (WesCon) August 25–28, 1970, Los Angeles, USA.
Boehm, B., (1986) "A Spiral Model of Software Development and Enhancement", ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, ACM, 11(4):14-24.
Mooz, H., Forsberg, K. (1991) "The Relationship of Systems Engineering to the Project Cycle", Joint Conference of NCOSE and the American Society for Engineering Management, 21-23 October 1991

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Sample Code:
 * JK Flip Flop * Simple Calculator

Lab #11
Lab #6 is all about checking if what you have learned in the episodes above all makes sense, and use MENU-DRIVEN PROGRAMS.


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